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Date: 5th June 2018
Lab Metal Bench
What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing experimental furniture test benches?With the continuous advancement of science and technology,Website:http://www.fnlaboratory.com, various clinical laboratories are constantly introducing new test items, regardless of whether large, medium or small clinical laboratories are constantly purchasing new instruments to meet the needs of new projects. At the same time improving the level of inspection quality, this is a trend. The following Finn Guangzhou laboratory equipment Xiao Bian introduced the purchase of laboratory furniture test bench, hoping to help you.The supplier's requirements, in addition to the ventilation cabinet must provide the relevant brand, product prices, if the factory direct sales, at least need to provide its production registration certificate, production license, business license, measurement instrument license, contact telephone, product sales (Including after-sales service, maintenance of vulnerable parts supply) commitments, product introduction information and technical performance, user directory and contact information. If marketing by the dealer, in addition to the above information, it is also necessary to provide dealers with the necessary qualification certificates and sales authorizations of the manufacturer, as well as the supplier?s reputation and company image. For the choice of instrument brand, the author advocates that small and medium-sized laboratories should focus on selecting products with higher market share in the local or nearby regions. The general technology of these products is relatively mature, dealers have enough confidence, and after-sales service is relatively guaranteed. The overemphasis on saving money during the purchase process or the first person to eat crabs for other reasons is a misunderstanding. The vast majority of inspection equipment prices are in the tens of millions, hundreds of thousands, and even millions. For grass-roots hospitals where economic strength is not sufficient, once the mistakes are made, the consequences are serious.However, the status of each laboratory is not the same. The clinical laboratories of large general hospitals are rich in financial resources. They are mostly in large and medium-sized cities. They are well-informed, have a high rate of use of instruments, have a wide range of services, and have a short payback period. Similar types of instruments can be equipped with relatively large backups. In contrast, small and medium-sized laboratories are mostly grass-roots hospitals. No matter whether financial resources or information are comparable to the former, and the business volume is low, the Shenzhen Experimental Station has a slow recovery, high operating costs, and relatively difficult maintenance. The possibility of backup of the same type of instrument is small. For a series of difficulties faced by small and medium-sized clinical laboratories, how to choose a cheap and suitable instrument for this laboratory, this article elaborated the author's point of view.The purchase of laboratory equipment should first be subordinate to and serve the characteristics and status of the overall medical services of the hospital where it is located. This is a major premise. It should be fully demonstrated in advance and the types and grades of instruments should be selected. It causes waste. At the same time, it must be forward-looking. With limited financial resources and actual use rates, the condition of laboratory instruments will be gradually modified and updated. Once the purchased items and instrument grades have been determined, the first work to be done is to collect relevant technical data for the brands and instruments of this grade, understand the quotes and actual prices, the qualifications of marketing agencies and manufacturers, reputation, market share, and after-sales services. Other information is also collected. The information can be obtained through conferences, telephone calls, and consulting users. After that, the information obtained is analyzed and demonstrated. Generally speaking, the small and medium-sized laboratories have the right to add information to the instrument. Slightly, but after all, it has its own advantages from a technical point of view. It is the obligation of laboratory managers and users to make preliminary inspections. At the same time, the relevant information and analysis conclusions that must be collected are reported to the hospital leadership. If necessary, a written report is provided to the leadership of the hospital to provide a candidate list and reasons for the procurement of products and distributors, so as to provide guidance for the leadership decision-making and bidding procurement. Maintaining a good and effective communication with the leadership of the hospital and obtaining leadership support is one of the prerequisites for the success of the procurement.For the choice of manufacturers who provide equipment, through analysis of the information provided to understand some of the basic conditions, it is specifically proposed to make full use of the user list provided by the manufacturer, selectively conduct targeted consultation, and also use quality control meetings. The opportunity to consult with peers who have used this type of instrument focuses on the performance, price, daily consumption, and after-sales service of the instrument. The information from this channel is more reliable than the information provided by the manufacturer. Only by selecting the instrument brand, model and supplier in this way can the procurement risk be minimized and its practicality ensured. The supplier who chooses the instrument brand and high reputation is only the first step to purchase the instrument. Negotiating skillfully with the supplier requires skill and art. Perhaps each person's negotiation strategy and style are different, but the principle is reasonable. The maintenance of the rights and interests of the host party under the legal premise, especially when the contract is written, should pay special attention to the strictness and logic of the writing. Otherwise, the work done before may be abandoned. The purchase of inspection equipment is, on the surface, the same as ordinary consumption, but in essence, the hospital is only an intermediate consumer, and the ultimate consumer is a vast number of patients. The excellent inspection equipment is to provide excellent medical service quality. Based on the fact that today's technology is highly developed, there is no good hardware foundation. The quality of good medical services is just empty talk. In a certain sense, maintaining the interests of hospitals is to protect the interests of patients.Guangzhou Feien Laboratory Equipment specializes in laboratory equipment, laboratory system engineering design, laboratory ventilation air conditioning system, sterile room, laboratory furniture accessories, PP fume hood, laboratory environmental protection, laboratory decoration, laboratory high purity Gas pipelines and so on.
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